Scholarships & Grants

The Teressa Rosalind French Foundation provides monies to advance the mission of the Foundation: 

“To provide scholarships and grants to young students to encourage their educational and spiritual goals for Christian growth.”

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2014 Scholarship Awards:

  • Ivonne Bernard, Covenant Life School
  • Hunter Waring, Covenant Life School
  • Victoria Rupp, Rock Academy
  • Kalena Welcher, Rock Academy

2015 Scholarship Awards:

  • Taylor Leach, Covenant Life School
  • Jeremy Matthews, Covenant Life School
  • Victoria Rupp, Rock Academy
  • Sydney Balogh, Rock Academy

2016 Scholarship Awards:

  • Grace Byrd, Covenant Life School
  • Ava Senyard, Covenant Life School
  • Leah Eller, Covenant Life School
  • Trinity Ditmer, Rock Academy
  • Sasha Muir, Rock Academy

2016 Grant Awards:

  • Nate Wilcox, Soccer Camp
  • Aniya Jones, Mission Trip
  • Clara Selbrede, Church Camp
  • Anna Selbrede, Church Camp
  • Samuel Swenson-Reinhold, Interfaith Internship
  • Sebastian Basaldu, Mission Trip

2017 Scholarship Awards:

  • Kathryn Amor, Covenant Life School
  • Jennifer Kooistra, Covenant Life School
  • Lorinda Schouten, Rock Academy
  • Mailani Auila, Rock Academy

2018 Scholarship Awards:

  • Rachel Mathews, Covenant Life School
  • Nicholas Bentley, Covenant Life School
  • Eric Stancik, Covenant Life School
  • Josiah Polk, Covenant Life School
  • Sara Dove, Covenant Life School
  • Diego Romero, Covenant Life School
  • Lorinda Schouten, Rock Academy

2018 Grant Awards:

  • First Lutheran Church Mission Youth
  • Andrew Stoy-mission trip
  • Saralyn Caldwell-Mission trip
  • Johnathan Roundy-church camp
  • Nathaniel Roundy-church camp

2019 Grant Awards:

  • AJ Robinson – Mission Trip
  • Andrew Stoy – Mission Trip
  • Abby Stoy – Mission Trip
  • N. James Roundy – Mission Trip
  • Rashelle Guzman – Church Camp
  • Chole Houlton – Church Youth
  • MCYM (Mil Comm Youth Ministry) – Church Camp
  • Rock Academy – Church Youth
  • Generations to Come (3) – Outreach

2019 Scholarship Awards:

  • Anne Stockton, Covenant Life School
  • Samuel Miller, Fayetteville Christian
  • Eliana LaFleur, Immanuel Christian School
  • Lexy Williams, Pacific Coast Christian Prep
  • Paige Coultrup, Brethren Christian High School
  • Nicholas Bentley, Covenant Life School

2020 Grant Awards:

  • Covenant Life School – Mission Trip
  • MCYM [Military Community Youth Ministry] – Military Middle School Church Camp
  • Valor at Virginia Tech – Mission Trip [Hurricane Relief]

2020 Scholarship Awards:

  • Ramon Casillas, Trinity Lutheran School [Military Scholar]
  • Bethany Loomis, Rock Academy
  • Kiersen Landes, Rock Academy
  • Betzabeth Avalos, Rock Academy
  • Sam Smyth, Covenant Life School
  • Lillian Potter, Covenant Life School
  • Paige Coultrup, Liberty Christian School
  • Paige Savoy, Calvary Chapel High School