Need Some TRFF Swag?

ORDER our Special Edition T-Shirt designed specifically for The Teressa Rosalind French Foundation by a renowned military artist Jennifer Tidd.

Special Edition T-Shirt $45

TRFF Mission Statement T-Shirt $25

During this tumultuous period, we are all caught in a sea of unknown outcomes; but with GOD’s hand in our lives as a constant we can stay the course.  The Teressa Rosalind French Foundation has been blessed to continue GOD’s work in support of youth in their educational and mission endeavors through Him all things are possible!

Order the above Special Edition T-shirt or the steadfast TRFF long-sleeve with our mission statement in just two simple steps:

1.  $45 Special Edition T-shirt or $25 for our TRFF Mission Statement T-Shirt to THIS LINK.

2.  Send a follow-up email to [email protected] giving us your size:  Small/ Medium/ Large/ XL/ XXL/ XXXL.


It’s that easy!